Zap Those Ticks and Fleas The Moment Your Pets Show Signs of Infestation


Fleas and ticks are nothing but parasites that cause frustration not only among cats and dogs, but to their owners as well. Animals who are in warmer areas are more prone to fleas and ticks all year round than those where the cold winters is the parasite's number one enemy. These bugs thrive wherever it is humid or warm. Either ticks or fleas pose several risks to health to both you or your family and your pets. Fleas and ticks can usually infest in very hot environments.


Fleas or ticks carry diseases with them. They also spread tapeworms and they can cause skin problems like dermatitis which is common to dogs and cats. A severe infestation on your pet will result in anemia in which the dog or the cat suffers from pale skin, chills, fatigue and later on heart disease. Moving on, ticks transmit the dreaded Lyme disease. They also spread tularemia, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and others more. Ticks are active and they thrive in warmer seasons.


It is not so hard to tell if your pet has a fleas. You can simply get a fine tooth comb and use it on your pet's fur. If the pets have fleas they will be screened through the comb. Drown those parasites immediately in soapy water. On the other hand, examine your pet's skin carefully for ticks. They usually prefer the head or the neck. If you notice a little bump that it is likely a tick but do not pick the tick with your bare hands or remove it with a comb. Unlike the flea, the tick will leave pieces in the dog or cat's skin if removed this way, click here for more info! 


Avoid direct contact with these parasites because, as mentioned earlier, they transmit diseases. When your dog or cat has plenty of fleas or ticks, it is best to take them to your vet for professional check up and advise. If you need medication that is safe for pets and effective against these pests, trust no other than PetAction(R). It kills ticks in all its stages. If you want to learn more about flea and tick treatment, you can visit


You need a reliable product that not only kills the adult parasites, but also kills the pupae, larvae and the eggs. In short you need a flea and tick medication that completely breaks the life cycle of these pesky parasites. If your pet needs help because of a flea or tick infestation, click this now for more information or to buy PetAction. Read cat flea treatment review here! 

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